In 2009, my life took a much unexpected turn. I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following a series of devastating life events. After a time of dealing with the trauma, grief and loss, I committed myself to a path of healing and recovery. I engaged in individual, group therapy, and attended a week long trauma treatment program; Survivor’s One at The Meadows. I made personal progress, but remained “stuck” struggling with “out of the blue” triggers, painful ruminations, disturbing images and ongoing stressful episodes profoundly impacting my life and relationships. After five years, I admit I was beginning to believe I had to live with and accept my circumstance. I was not the same woman, I used to be. Life was different; I used coping skills, took lots of deep breaths, and relied on faith, along with using medication as needed. I learned to function with PTSD episodes.

Then one day, I talked with Kathleen Ryan Fuhs, LCSW, about Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT). I learned it was “an integrative approach that clears the exact traumatic event even if repressed or forgotten.” She encouraged me with her client success stories. As a licensed Social Worker (LSW) myself, I wholly believe in healing trauma through a therapeutic process. I also admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. However, I decided to schedule an appointment with Kathleen and “give RRT a shot". I found myself feeling anxious not knowing what to expect, walking into the initial session. Kathleen provided the utmost professionalism and used her clear relational skills to set a safe, relaxed, and comfortable tone. The therapy itself seemed to move along easily and was very different than anything I had previously experienced. I cannot begin to describe the feeling of “well being” that followed. The feeling seemed unfamiliar, a bit strange, “maybe too good to be true,” came to mind. I recall sitting in my car for a few moments, “feeling” and wondering if this feeling would last. I worked with Kathleen over the next few months. The sense of well being did continue.

Kathleen was able to clear several traumatic events my mind seemed unable to release without RRT. I am exceedingly grateful for Kathleen’s compassion, understanding, and expertise in RRT. The RRT sessions with Kathleen changed my life. The treatment resulted in decreasing the frequency along with the intensity of my PTSD episodes. It provided me significant relief and healing. I highly recommend Kathleen; she is my 1st choice therapist. I fully advocate for those suffering past trauma that has negative life & relational impact – RRT provided amazing results for me. I hope others will find peace and healing from this amazing therapeutic approach.
 J. B. MSW, LSW (7/1/15)  
“I’ve had two RRT treatments and they both helped me a great deal with the problem I wanted to address. A recent RRT session that I had with Kathleen Ryan-Fuhs (for about 3 hrs) did wonders in addressing my depression and un-blocking an event that had caused a lingering resentment. I would recommend her for anybody considering RRT!”  Tom
After 10 years of seeking help for chronic severe headaches and neck pain, and going to a variety of traditional and non-traditional sources, through Kathleen and RRT, I was able to break the cycle of chronic pain and begin to get a new life again. CL

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