Couples Therapy

Whether you are seeking greater or renewed intimacy with your partner, have significant problems to resolve, or are considering whether to remain together, couples therapy can help. I have been working successfully with couples for many years. My training in couples therapy is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and I am also a certified IMAGO therapist.  

IMAGO Therapy   . . .  views the conflicts that couples face and their reactions as rooted in early life experience. IMAGO founder Harville Hendrix believes it is no accident that attraction brings individuals together whose issues trigger each other.  Couples learn a dialog process of non-defensive listening and empathy. Many couples deepen their communication and intimacy, learning to see their problems as vehicles to grow as individuals and as a couple.  For those who decide to separate, the work they do together may help them to break old patterns and move into more harmonious relationships in the future.

Emotionally Focused Therapy . . . is a research based therapy that helps couples develop healthy bonds in their relationship and with others.  In EFT, couples learn to move out of unhealthy cycles of criticism, reaction, and anger to re-establish their connection. For those who find it hard to be close to or trust others, EFT has also proven helpful.  

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